Basketmouth Calls Out CBN Over Money Transfer Stoppage


The Comedian Calls Out CBN Over Money Transfer Stoppage

HUH?…..CBN has killed Nigerians oooooooh …WTF!!!!

See What he Wrote Below:

CBN agrees exclusive deal with Western Union, Money Gram and Ria Money Transfer to stop all Nigerian money transfer businesses and ensuring all worldwide transfers go through only these 3 American companies in and out of Nigeria.
This senseless money transfer deal to Nigeria is what has caused the recent spike in FX rates. I hear FX will be £1 to N700 and $1 to N550 in the next couple of days

I wonder which planet CBN is on, when you give a whole country’s source for foreign currency to just 3 foreign companies and think it is sensible.

Empower local companies, these companies need us more than we need them… Pls let’s not stay mute and watch this happen to us. @westerunion @riafinancial @moneygram.manager


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